the Mozzoni

Stemma del XVI secolo

The Mozzoni family made their appearance in Valceresio in the XIIIth century, and to this day, descendants of this family live in the ancestral home, in Bisuschio. Often, the Mozzonis voiced the needs and requests of the Arcisate community to the authorities of the day, and were elected to represent them in the Milanese halls of power. The family reached the peak of its political stature in the XVth and XVIth centuries. Indeed, it was in this period that the family decided to build its hunting lodge (around 1440), and later a villa with gardens (1530-1560), in line with the style of the day, and to welcome distinguished guests, friends, and family.

In 1559, Cecilia Mozzoni married
Ascanio Mozzoni, a distant relative

In October 1476, the Mozzoni family invited the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza, to Bisuschio. The Duke was a great hunter, and lover of the good life. During this hunting party, Agostino Mozzoni saved the Duke from a charging bear weighing 200 pounds. In gratitude for having his life saved, the Duke granted the Mozzoni family a tax exemption on each one of their properties. Below you can download the article published in “il Calandari dra famiglia Bosina par ur 2003”, Varese 2002 pp. 44-70, edited by Gianpiero Buzzi e Leonida Besozzi, which gives details on the Mozzoni family history from the origins to the present day.

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