Wedding receptions

Il Portico
Ideal for serving the aperitif (100 sq. m.)

Salone D’Onore
It's the largest room with fresco paintings dated between 1530 and 1560, on the big fireplace, a beautiful fresco painting of Mars the god of war and Venus the goddess of love. This room can hold 100 guests.

From the Salone d'Onore one of the best view, the staircase with water running in the middle.

The library was the room dedicated to the Muses. 70 guests can sit here.

Sala delle Fontane
This was the room for Citrus fruit during the winter, it's near to the portico with the view on the italian garden. Ideal for dancing.

Sala da Ballo (o Impero)
This room was the ball room with decorations dating from the end of the XVIII Century.

Sala Rosa
The Pink room with stucco-work dated end of XVIII Century. 40 guests can sit here.

Sala Verde
The green room is our tiniest room with place for 30 guests.

In the evening we can give a magic touch to the garden with torchlight.

Equipment (tables, seats, etc.)
Flowers, Music, etc.


Here you can download a list of caterers we suggest.

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